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Loading my Fancard from my bank account

Please read the steps below - There is also additional information about bank loads below!


Please Add A New Bank Account from the Fancards Online Dashboard and not the app, there is currently a small bug that will log you out once attempted!
Follow the steps below.

1. Log in to your Fancards account online

First, log in to your Fancards Dashboard

2. Add Account

Click "Load Card", then "Add another Bank Account". Fill in your bank's login credentials when prompted to connect your bank account to your Fancard.

3. Schedule Transfer

Once connected, you can schedule one-time or recurring bank transfers directly to and from your Fancard or any of your Sub-Cards.

(Once you make over a $250 Bank Transfer to your Fancard you will unlock Real-Time Loading which gives you the ability to load up to $250 instantly every 7 days!)

And you’re all done!