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Can I get a sub-card for a different team than my primary card?

Definitely! We do our best to look out for households whose fandom is divided.

On the Fancards App, you can order a sub-card or sub-cards for different teams than your primary card!

1. Log In To The App

First login to the Fancards Mobile App, then click the menu drop-down button at the top left corner. Click “Add a Sub-Card.

2. Fill Out The Information

Next, fill out the card’s information and scroll across to find the team and card design you want.

3. Submit!

Click “Submit“, and your sub-card will be created in your Fancards app!

The virtual card will be immediately available to add to your Apple Wallet on iOS devices, while the physical card will be mailed to you within 7 to 10 days.